Praktikum Irland - Dublin - Saskia

Saskia berichtet von ihren vielfältigen Einsatzbereichen als Praktikantin in einem 4-Sterne-Hotel in Dublin

The Clarion Hotel Liffey Valley is a four-star hotel located in Dublin. During my internship I could gain insight in the departments conference and events, sales and marketing and reservations. Due to the fact that I was assigned to three different departments, my internship was very diversified and I got a broad overview of a hotel being a huge business to run. The department heads worked out a weekly rota for me, so that my tasks and workplace changed frequently.

Working in the sales office, my tasks consisted of developing databases containing business addresses or data of the hotel’s clients. These databases were used later on to get in contact with the different businesses or guests. In the end, I was also responsible for doing sales calls, trying to upsell great value packages for family bookings. The most interesting task was to take part in a sales promotion at the Bloom Festival in Phoenix Park. During my internship I was also allowed to attend a strategic sales meeting. The topic of the meeting was the promotion of this year’s Christmas parties.

In the conference office, I was in charge to file new contracts and to arrange a new filing system. Moreover, I had to prepare welcome packages for the conference attendees. During my internship, a huge wedding took place and I had the great possibility to take part in the planning process. Therefore, I was in charge to create the menu cards or to develop a table plan.

In the reservation department, my tasks consisted of filing, typing in rooming lists for group arrivals, to insert individual reservations of travel agencies into the system or to develop arrival summary lists that contained all the important information about group arrivals.

The hotel is a very organised and structured business working at high standards. I enjoyed being part of the team that made you feel like being an employee and not just an intern. They entrusted me with responsible tasks and I got to know different departments. To sum it up, a very rewarding and highly recommendable experience.